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Carports and RV Covers

Carports and RV CoversA Carport or RV Cover is a covered structure that offers protection from the elements for cars, trucks, motorcycles and RVs. They're open on the sides, and can be attached to a wall or left free standing.

Contact DFW Siding and Patio at 972-564-6560 or via email at info@DFWSidingandPatio.com to arrange for your new carport or RV cover.

Carport & RV Cover Options

  • Single Size: 12' x 20'
  • Double Size: 20' x 20'
  • Triple Size: 20' x 30'
  • V-Panels - customized to your specific needs
  • Steel Beam Units
  • RV Covers - can have an additional wind-break added

V-Panel Units

DFW Siding & Patio manufactures our own steel V-Panel roof system, which allows us to be competitively priced in the marketplace with any other styles available. The V-Pan is an extremely strong construction profile that allows for fewer supporting beams underneath.

Our V-Pans are roll-formed from 26 gauge steel coil that has a baked enamel paint finish with a 10-year paint warranty. It's attractive looking and comes in white and almond with a variety of trim colors available.

You can get the V-Pan with a built-in gutter system, and we can customize the size to any width and length you might need.

Steel Beam Units

Steel beam carports are made from R-Panel sheets, with each sheet of painted steel covering 36". The advantage to Steel Beam covers is the flexibility on post placement. These covers are only available in white, but have a varety of trim colors. The units can be guttered.

RV Covers

Most RV covers are Steel Beam units although a V-Pan unit is an option. You can add a wind-break for additional protection of your RV.

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