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Warranty Information

Patio Covers, Carports and RV Covers

We offer a one-year warranty on all of our covers for workmanship. Should you have a leak or any other issue related to the installation of your cover, we will fix it free of charge for one year.

Our covers are painted with a baked enamal finish. The manufacturer warrants the paint against chipping, cracking or peeling for ten years.

Lattice Covers

We offer the same one year workmanship warranty on our lattice covers. Any problems with the installation of a lattice cover will be taken care of for one year free of charge.

Our lattice covers are manufactured by Metals USA under the brand name of Ultra Lattice. There is a lifetime limited warranty provided on the materials. You may download a PDF from Metals USA to learn more about their warranty.

Vinyl Siding

We offer a five year warranty on workmanship for the installation of siding products. Should you have a piece of siding come loose due to high winds or other issues with installation, we will repair/reinstall the siding at no charge.

The various manufacturers we use for vinyl siding all provide a life time limited warranty for the materials used for vinyl siding installation. Should there be any issues with the materials, we will work with the manufacturer to provide replacement materials and the labor necessary to install them.


Vinyl replacement windows are covered by the manufacturer with a lifetime limited warranty on all components except glass breakage. This includes frames, hardware and seal breakage on insulated glass panes.

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